I want to share with you something that I'm extremely passionate about - setting and living your purpose. By doing this you will automatically upgrade your success in life and at work. Having been feeling a little off direction for a while I decided a few weeks ago to reset my purpose (the reason I do what I do) not only for my work but for my whole life. Using the 'Setting My Purpose' process I have devised, I realised that my new current purpose is 'To Open Hearts'. This is important to me because, by having an open heart, you are able to give and receive love and encouragement.  The latin word Couer, that courage is derived from, means heart. So by having an open heart, you are able to 'give heart' (en-courage) to others. The joy is that a group of two or more open hearted people actually grow each others hearts. They exchange encouragement and, because the hearts are open, the love can flow from one open heart and into the other open heart, growing its capacity for more encouragement. Cool isn't it!

So..... the lesson seems to be that by opening your heart, it will grow. You will have deeper more insightful conversations and exchanges with others and grow their courage at the same time which is a key leadership trait. My experience of being open hearted is that people really understand the intention of my communication- key leadership trait - and are inspired to positive successful actions - key leadership result .  I recently had some solid validation of this when I checked in at Brisbane airport for an international flight. I had my guitar with me which I use during my leadership conference keynote presentation Conducting Change and Air Pacific required a $50 fee to take a guitar, even though my total baggage weight was fine. I must have handled this news and the ensuing discussion in an open hearted manner as a few minutes later I was called to return to the counter where they asked for my red boarding pass and replaced it with a green business class one - upgrade! The person at the desk said it was for being a 'lovely man' (very touching!)  So I walked away very happy and it seemed our interactions had grown both our hearts despite the tricky content of the discussion. 

So, by having an open heart, your leadership capability will soar because people will just 'get you' so clearly and be inspired to be their best.