Martin Scorsese, the acknowledged world's greatest living film director, uses one of the most powerful leadership tools to gain his success. Mr Scorsese has gained the loyalty and trust of hollywood's finest actors (Robert De Niro), editors, cinematographers and screenwriters who return time and again to work on his movies (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Aviator, The Departed). 

The secret to his success is that he uses coaching to draw out the best performances from his people. Coaching is the process of empowering and inspiring the individual to achieve outstanding results through questioning. 

For example, Mr Scorsese sets the purpose of a scene and lets the actors do a couple of takes. Rather than step in and tell the actors exactly what he wants he asks them questions such as :

1. How do you feel that take went?

2. Remind me of the purpose of the scene?

3. How well do you feel that take achieved the purpose of the scene?

4. What would you feel needs to happen next time to really achieve the purpose?

These questions draw out the experience and instincts of the actors who then implement their ideas, connect with the purpose and perform an excellent scene.

The same process applies to getting the best performances out of your people.

1 Set the Purpose of the situation

2 Coach

3 Monitor progress

4 Coach

5 Complete/Review. 

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