How well do your people respond to the challenges of disruption?

We are working in a state of almost continual disruption. What works today may not work tomorrow.  As a result people are being  constantly challenged to accept disappointment and quickly arrive at and implement new solutions.  The problem that many individuals are facing is, that under this ever increasing pressure to innovate and make wise decisions in the face of continually shifting goals, they are finding their resilience being eroded. The resultant stress leads to poor thinking and people start seeing the themselves, others and situations as negative.

So one of the absolute key skills in today's light speed business environment is resilience - the ability to stay positive in the face of challenges and swiftly re-set the brain when those challenges have a negative impact. From a cultural point of view, a resilient organisation is able to ride the rapids with all hands on the oars and maintain momentum through both the waves and the white water.

In this presentation, audiences will walk away with the ability to understand the three key elements of resilient individuals and organisations. They will learn strategies and techniques to set themselves up for increased resilience and speed up the resilience reset. 

The Resilience Pattern Keynote will enable your people to: 

  • Gain Control over their emotional state.
  • Build on their current state of resilience.
  • Develop their resilient inner structure.
  • Become champions of a resilient culture.
  • Build positivity in themselves and their team members.
  • Enhance their ability to innovate in the face of disruption.