Add a workshop to increase the depth of having Adrian speak at your conference.

A  Extension Workshops - These are extensions of the four keynote topics for those conference sessions where deeper and extended learning is required.

B  Additional Workshops - These are additional workshops that complement your desired conference outcomes 

A1  Conducting Change

How to Conduct the Change Journey  

 A highly experiential workshop providing participants with deep insights into the culture engine and how to create their desired culture and performance patterns. Essential for anyone involved in guiding change.       



A2  The Pattern Maker - Leadership

How to Generate Patterns of Behaviour

Team behaviour is generated by a number of key levers. Understand those levers, move them to the best place and watch the high performance patterns emerge. Essential for experienced and emerging leaders.

A3  The Resilience Pattern 

 How to Build and Lead Personal and Team Resilience

A deep dive into creating a personal inner structure of resilience and how to lead resilience in your team. Essential for all leaders facing a challenging business environment

A4  The Purpose People

How to Energise your Team for Consistent High Performance

Purpose provides Meaning. Meaning provides Motivation. Learn how to define your Team Purpose, Create Meaning through your Leadership and Experience the persistent Motivation of your team. Essential for leaders who want to inspire excellence.